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Ecodan Air Source Heat Pumps

News: Wednesday, June 29, 2011

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Andrew Sadler

Project Manager

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Last week we spent a very interesting and informative afternoon with Stuart Bell from Mitsubishi Electric getting to understand their Ecodan range of Air Source Heat Pumps. As SAP Assessors whose clients are often looking to Sadler Energy for guidance and advice on the most economical renewable technology to use, we feel it is important to fully understand the implications of the various technologies to enable our clients to make an informed decision.

Heat pump technology has been available for many years now and Mitsubishi Electric have developed this technology for domestic application to produce the Ecodan unit which is said to be one of the most advanced, efficient domestic space and water heating systems available today.

With conventional boilers 1kW of input energy provides less than 1kW of output energy or heat. With Ecodan air source heat pumps, every 1kW of input energy is converted into an average of 3.3kW of output heat, making it more than 3 time efficient than conventional boilers.

By using air source heat pump to provide domestic space heating and hot water, it is possible to greatly reduce CO2 emissions and the cost of heating the home. Using proven heat pump technology widely used in the heating and cooling industry, Ecodan upgrades naturally occurring energy from the air and uses this to provide domestic space heating and hot water.

To discover more about Ecodan Heat Pumps visit www.domesticheating.mitsubishielectric.co.uk. If you would like to find out how Sadler Energy can help with you next building project please call 01962 718870 or visit www.sadlerenergy.co.uk.

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