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Frequently Asked Question

Just some of the questions we get asked by our clients

A selection of Frequently Asked Questions from our clients

What is Air Pressure Testing

Everything you want to know about Air Leakage Testing

Air pressure testing is a method of measuring and quantifying the air leakage of a building. The test consists of putting a fan contained in a temporary screen into an outside door rebate and pressurising or depressurising the building whilst recording the air leakage rates. The external air pressure, wind speed and temperature are measured at the same time, since they have a bearing on the results of the test. Part 1LA of the Building Regulations 2006 makes it a legal requirement that new domestic dwellings pass a mandatory air tightness test before being occupied.

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Who needs energy performance certificates

Need to know whether you need and Energy Performance Certificate.

Please see the table below for details on who might require and Energy Performance Certificate

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What are the legislative requirements of EPCs

Energy Performance Certificates and Building Regulations

European Energy Performance Directive

The requirements for Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) are driven by the European Energy Performance Directive, with the latest Directive having been published in May 2010.

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What is the SAP Rating

We explain the numbers found on the SAP Assessment.

The Government Standard Assessment Procedure or (SAP for short) is used as the methodology within England and Wales to assess the energy performance of domestic dwellings. This assessment has been introduced to meet the requirements set out by the European Energy Performance of Buildings Directive.
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