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What are the legislative requirements of EPCs?

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Energy Performance Certificates and Building Regulations

European Energy Performance Directive

The requirements for Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) are driven by the European Energy Performance Directive, with the latest Directive having been published in May 2010.

SAP Methodology

The energy performance of buildings should be calculated on the basis of a methodology, which may be differentiated at national and regional level. That includes, in addition to thermal characteristics, other factors that play an increasingly important role such as heating and air-conditioning installations, application of energy from renewable sources, passive heating and cooling elements, shading, indoor air quality, adequate natural light and design of the building. The methodology for calculating energy performance should be based not only on the season in which heating is required, but should cover the annual energy performance of a building. That methodology should take into account existing European standards.

EPCs and Building Regulations

Throughout the UK it is a legal requirement that all 'conditioned' non-domestic and domestic buildings for Sale, Lease or newly-constructed require an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC). In Scotland, public buildings in excess of 1,000 sq m require an EPC, whilst in England & Wales a Display Energy Certificate (DEC) is required for public buildings. A public building includes buildings such as schools, local authority offices, libraries or local authority leisure centres.

EPCs are required for all buildings which are sold or rented out on or after 4 January 2009, including new completed buildings unless the building warrant was applied for before 1st May 2007.

Energy Performance Ratings

An EPC will rate a building and provide suggestions of areas for improvements.

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