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Air Pressure Testing

Air tightness testing on domestic and commercial properties

Sadler Energy is a fully accredited air tightness testing provider, offering domestic and commercial air tests as required under part L of the building regulations.

Two fan air tightness test

Sadler Energy is a fully accredited Air Tightness Testing provider, offering ATTMA testing as required under part L of the building regulations for both domestic and commercial properties. We work with your onsite team to help achieve your target designed permeability rate and will offer guidance and recommendations if any leakage paths are found. We know how tight deadlines can be and in the majority of cases we can return the Air Test Certification on the same day as the test.

Why do you need to test for air tightness?

Air tightness of buildings was first addressed in the UK as part of the 2002 Building Regulations, under Part L, Conservation of Fuel and Power. There is an ever increasing need to improve the number of plots that require air leak testing on a single development, moving towards 100% of domestic dwellings under the requirements of the Building Regulations.

The primary reason for testing the air tightness of the dwelling is to measure the air permeability through the fabric of the building to ensure that it is air tight and checking for leaks in a dwelling is to demonstrate the Energy Performance, and it is also used as an indication of the actual build quality. By building in such a way as to minimise uncontrolled air loss and to provide efficient means for controlled ventilation, the occupants of the property will benefit from reduced energy bills, whilst maintaining satisfactory flow of fresh air.

There is an increasing focus on improving the energy efficiency of the dwelling with even more stringent Building Regulations, pushing air tightness to the fore. There is a phrase used within the industry of 'build tight, ventilate right'.

Part L1A of the Building Regulations: Air Leakage

Part L1A 2013 edition forms part of the Building Regulations detailing energy performance standards and requires all new homes to be tested for air leaks or air permeability. Our Air Testing Engineers are registered with the Air Tightness Testing and Measurement Association (ATTMA) competent person scheme ,our air leakage tests are undertaken in line with the requirements of the ATTMA technical standard TS1 or TSL1 and our certificates are accepted by Building Control officers. We are able to undertake air leak testing on all domestic dwellings.

Our Air Pressure Testing Service

SEES provide a personal, helpful, efficient and cost-effective air testing service for our clients using the latest high power door fan systems. In all instances we will provide practical information in advance so that the building is ready for testing prior to our site visit thereby ensuring the best test results possible. We understand the demands placed on site managers and, because at Sadler Energy we offer all services under one roof, it is possible to send out certificates and register EPCs once the Air Pressure Testing engineer has phoned in with the pass result. To help our clients pass first time we have produced an Air Pressure Testing Checklist.

Although it is impossible to guarantee a first time air test pass, we will try our best to help you pass first time and we are usually happy to remain on site after the first fail to allow remedial works to be undertaken.

L1A Air Testing Regime Schedule

We are happy to work with the testing schedule as set out via your Building Control Officer or we can undertake a full L1A Compliance Testing Regime if needed and offer advice as to which houses will need testing during the construction programme.

Our air testing service is available to both those with multiple dwelling types and those who only require one-off testing and we can normally book an air test appointment within a week of quote acceptance. We are happy to work around the demands of the building inspector or NHBC and can usually move things around if an urgent test is required.


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