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Commercial SBEM Calculations

Commercial SBEM Calculations


SBEM (Simplified Building Energy Model) is a computer program that provides an analysis of a building's energy consumption. SBEM calculates the monthly energy use and carbon dioxide emissions of a building, given a description of the building's geometry, construction, use and HVAC and lighting equipment.

SBEM was originally based on the Dutch methodology NEN 2916:1998 (Energy Performance of Non-Residential Buildings) and has since been modified to comply with the recent CEN Standards. Details of the calculation method, the algorithms used and the assumptions made are provided in the SBEM Technical Manual.

SBEM makes use of standard data contained on associated databases and available with other software.

The purpose of SBEM and its interface, iSBEM, is to produce consistent and reliable evaluations of energy use in non-domestic buildings for Building Regulations compliance and for Building Energy Performance Certification purposes. Although it may assist the design process, it is not primarily a design tool. For example it does not calculate internal temperatures.

As iSBEM is a compliance procedure and not a design tool, if the performance of a particular feature is critical to the design, even if it can be represented in SBEM, it is prudent to use the most appropriate modelling tool for design purposes. In any event, SBEM should not be used for system sizing.

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