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For those who require their development to be registered as EcoHomes

EcoHomes is a straightforward, flexible and independently verified environmental assessment method for new homes. It rewards developers who improve environmental performance through good design, rather than high capital cost solutions.

Some clients still require their development to be registered under the EcoHomes scheme, and we are well placed to offer this service having been working on BRE Schemes many years

Assessments should ideally be carried out at the design stage. Every house type on a site is considered, but the award is given for the whole development. This enables developers to use the result to promote whole sites as every house that is part of the site has the same rating.

EcoHomes considers the broad environmental concerns of climate change, resource use and impact on wildlife, and balances these against the need for a high quality of life and a safe and healthy internal environment.

The issues assessed are grouped into seven categories:

  • Energy
  • Water
  • Pollution
  • Materials
  • Transport
  • Ecology and land use
  • Health and well-being

Many of the categories are optional, ensuring EcoHomes is flexible enough to be tailored to a particular development or market.

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