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SAP Assessments and EPC

SAP Calculations from accredited Domestic Energy Assessors (DEAs)

Sadler Energy provide SAP Calculations and Energy Performance Certificate on domestic properties as required for both L1A and L1B Compliance.

SAP Calculations

We provide SAP Calculations and Energy Performance Certificates. SAP EPC meet part L1A and L1B requirement of the Building Regulations compliance. Whether you're building a new dwelling, converting an existing building or planning an extension. We provide the assessment, certification and support for new build compliance

What is a SAP Calculations and when do I need one?

SAP Calculation Explained. SAP Assessments are the Governments Standard Assessment Procedure for Energy Rating of Dwellings. This forms part of the Building Regulations in England and Wales. New build domestic dwellings SAP Assessment. This includes conversions and extensions. They will be required for both Planning and Building Control. It's used for compliance with the Part L (Conservation of Fuel and Power) of the Building Regulations. Part L1A of the regulations details the requirements for new build dwellings. Part L1B details the requirements for conversions and extensions. You can download these two parts from the Government Website. They're useful to read prior to undertaking your project. L1A and L1B Compliance Documents.

Energy calculations consider the heat loss through building fabric. This includes type and thickness of insulation in the floor, walls and roofs. It details heating systems, hot water systems and ventilation. Renewable technologies such as photovoltaic, solar hot water, air source heat pumps. And all other renewable energy, low or zero carbon technology.

  • New build dwellings
  • Change of use from commercial to domestic property
  • Barn conversions
  • Extensions

Our accredited SAP consultants produce Design Stage, As Built SAPs and (EPCs). We're qualified Domestic Energy Assessors (DEA). If you're planning a conversion or extension you can find view our sap calculations for extensions page.

Why do I need a SAP?

The Building Regulations for England and Wales states all new properties are assessed. The method used is the Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP) calculations for energy conservation. The SAP Assessment comprises a detailed energy audit highlighting the (EIR), SAP Rating, and running costs of the dwelling.

The Dwelling Emission Rate (DER) should be equal to or lower than the (TER). The Fabric Energy Efficiency (DFEE), should be equal or lower than the (TFEE). The SAP Calculations used to show compliance with this part of the regulations and are requested by Building Control.

As part of the planning condition you may have an energy or carbon reduction target. We can complete an energy statement or sustainability statement. If you're building in London we can produce a London Plan report to assist in meeting the planning condition. We offer impartial advise on the best way of meeting your obligation in the most cost effective way.

If you have a commercial property you will require a SBEM Calculation instead of a SAP Assessment. We can undertake these for you.


SAP Requirements

Are SAP Assessments the same as an EPC?

At the dwelling design stage your dedicated SAP Consultant will produce a (PEA). This highlights those areas of the design which are crucial to meet your Target Emission Rate. The Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) records a home's energy and CO2 emission and energy costs. The energy certificate uses a scale from A to G to show the energy efficiency of the dwelling. A Band A dwelling is the most efficient and should therefore save the most on your energy bills.

Our Approach

We're accredited providers of SAP Assessments. And qualified On Construction Domestic Energy Assessors. We complete the energy calculation and certify the energy rating. This will enable you to comply with the Building Regulations requirements. We offer both Predictive Energy Assessments (PEAs) and Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs). These help buyers and homeowners understand the energy efficiency of their homes.

Our qualified team offer support in the following ways

  • We have a wealth of experience within the building industry, energy saving technologies and materials. This experience enables us to guide you in the right direction. When we produce the SAP Assessment, we'll highlight areas of potential improvement. We're accredited with Elmhurst Energy a leading body in Energy Assessments.
  • We offer a full Technical Advisory Service to architects and developers. We can help you to achieve high efficiency SAP ratings to increase sales potential and property value.
  • We offer BREEAM Assessment and Part G Water Efficiency Calculations.
  • Air Tightness Testing
  • Sound Insulation Testing

What you can expect for your SAP EPC

  • Planning Stage. You're assigned a dedicated SAP Assessor. We'll look at the design and help with the proposal. We advise on meeting the local planning requirements. If there's a London Plan or renewable contribution policy, we can formulate a robust report.
  • Design Stage. We will work with your design team to ensure that the fabric, space and water heating meet required standards. If renewable and low carbon technologies are used we can suggest the best approach.
  • As Built Stage. We send you the specification used within the as built SAP Calculation. We register the address with Landmark, enter the air test figure and lodge the EPC. We can send Building Control the As Built SAP, Compliance Document and EPC on your behalf. We provide the air tightness test to make your life that little bit easier.

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