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Commercial SBEM Calculations

Non-Domestic Building SBEM Calculations

Sadler Energy provide SBEM Calculations and Energy Performance Certificate for Offices, Retail and Industrial commercial buildings.

SBEM Calculations
Sadler Energy provide SBEM Calculations and Energy Performance Certificate as required for both L2A and L2B BRUKL Compliance. Whether you are building a new office, converting an existing warehouse or planning an extension to your retail unit we can provide the assessment, certification and support you need to make the process as easy as possible.

What is an SBEM Calculation and when do I need one?

SBEM stands for the Simplified Building Energy Model and is used in assessing the Energy Performance of Buildings and is used all non-domestic buildings and forms part of the Building Regulations in England and Wales. All new commercial properties including those undergoing both fit-out and shell only will be required to have an SBEM Assessment undertaken to prove compliance with the latest Building Regulations, on in particular Part L.

At Sadler Energy and Environmental Services our SBEM Consultants are accredited to produce full commercial assessments including design stage BRUKL documents and as built BRUKL Compliance Reports, as well as commercial Energy Performance Certificates (EPC) and SBEM output, with fully qualified Non-Domestic Energy Assessors (NDEA).

SBEM Calculations include

  • Building fabric
  • Space heating and cooling
  • Hot water
  • Ventilation
  • Lighting
  • Building controls
  • Renewable technologies

Why do I need an SBEM Calculations?

The Building Regulations for England and Wales Compliance Part L2 require all new commercial properties to be assessed using the SBEM calculations for energy performance of buildings. The BRUKL and SBEM outputs comprise of detailed report highlighting the energy demands of the building in use including the subsequent running costs of the building.

Part L2 of the Building Regulations (England and Wales) also requires that the Building Emission Rate (BER) should be equal to or lower than the Target Emission Rate (TER) for the building. The SBEM Calculation is used to show compliance with this part of the regulations.

If you have a domestic property you need testing, instead of a SAP Assessment you will require a SAP Calculations which we can undertake for you.

You can find our more about the UK's national calculation methodology for non domestic buildings by visiting the Governments dedicated UK NCM website.

The SEES Approach

As fully accredited providers of SBEM Assessments, our qualified Non-Domestic Energy Assessors and Consultants can assess all types of commercial building from basic Level 3 to complex Level 5. We are qualified in both the NCM's iSBEM software as well as IES ApacheSim Compliance computer simulator programme, which can model complex buildings in more detail.

What you can expect

  • Design Stage: We will work closely with your design team to ensure that the fabric, HVAC, DHW, lighting and controls will meet the required standards and where renewable and low carbon technologies are required we can suggest the best approach.
  • As Built Stage: At the as built stage we send you an SBEM Summary detailing the specification we have within the calculation, we can then register the address with Landmark if required and where applicable enter the air test figure and lodge the EPC. We can even send Building Control the SBEM, BRUKL Compliance Document and EPC on your behalf. We can also undertake the air tightness test to make your life that little bit easier.

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